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Tips for air travellers

Air travel tip 116: Avail Of Early Bird Discounts
Airline companies give out huge discounts for those who book seats months in advance. If you have a definite schedule, it would be best to avail of these great deals. Not only do you get a price cut of more than 30%, you will also have a chance to reserve the seats that you want.
Air travel tip 7: How to get cheap flight rates
If you want to save for pocket money rather than spend most of it for just paying the plane ticket, then get the cheapest there is. First of all, do not travel during the peak season. This is when the flight rates as well as hotel rates are at its highest. Then browse different online travel agencies before you book for a ticket so that you can still have options. Aside from that, you may also book your flight few months before your desired schedule so you can get low air fare rates.
Air travel tip 45: Leg room
If you have long legs and require more leg room, ask for a seat at the emergency or main exits.
Air travel tip 28: Budget airlines
If you are a budget air-traveller, or would like to become one, check out budget airline rates before going with major airlines. Some flights head to the same destinations as major airlines with only a fraction of the price.
Air travel tip 126: Keep Your Children Occupied During a Flight
Since a lot of airlines provide onboard entertainment, you would think this is enough for shorter trips. However, if you are crossing the transatlantic, you may want to pack a few things your children might need for a flight, not only to keep them occupied, but also to keep them comfortable. A favorite toy, blanket or pillow will do the trick of calming toddlers. For older kids, you may want to bring video game consoles, books and art sets.