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Travelling in Europe had never been this easier before, and if your are keen about making one of those memorable moment in this Summer holidays of yours - then make sure Krakow is right there in your list. Krakow, the capital city of Malopolskie ( Lesser Poland ) province in the southern region of Poland is a lively city with bustling crowds, has some of the finest restaurants in Poland, cheap hotels, and a great nightlife. You certainly wouldn't like to miss the banks of Wisla river ( also called Vistula ) at this southern province of Poland as well, with the picturesque landscape surrounding it and the scenic beauty of watching the Snow clad Carpathian Mountains' you will be glad of having made it here. If you are considering for a travel package - go for the one that is economical and cost effective. You certainly don't have to spend too much to make your trip in Krakow, a worth remembering one. After all getting closest to the nature shouldn't cost you more. With the availability of plenty of Cheap flights across the Poland, you can easily get Cheap air flights tickets for Krakow, its airport code being KRK, through most of the Travel tickets agencies across any towns in Poland. More than thousands of tourists marking their presence every year in Krakow, the city is no lesser than the hot spot of carnival in the whole Poland. Rynek Glowny ( biggest medieval squares in the world), Wawel Castle ( historical monument turned museum ) and the Kazimierz ( former Jewish district )besides many others are few of those places you would love to be part of through your lens. With scores of frequently flying domestic, international charter and scheduled flights, daily arriving at the Balice airport ( KRK ) from all across the Globe, including New york, Paris, London, Rome, Vienna, Zurich and many more - Your last minute travel never had this better! Come and experience the Krakow, and through Polish's own words - 'the Soul of Poland'.

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