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If you’re booking an airline flight to Morocco on the month of September this year, take note that you are arriving at the peak of the Ramadan during your stay. This is the most important event in the country’s calendar, when Muslims observe a complete fast for the entire day and feast at night. This means that your airline travel will end up in a city which is all but desolated in the day, and most food establishments (apart from a few which particularly cater to tourist) are closed during lunch hours. But the good thing is that you have a good chance of booking a discount flight in such an off-peak period. Be assured that airline travel is very much possible during this time, but you’ll find the place less accommodating than it’s supposed to be. The restrictions shouldn’t be applicable for tourists who don’t share the Islamic faith, but it is best if you follow the custom, at least to the extent of refraining from taking meals in public during the day, even on your airline flight. You might not want to book your discount flight on a period which overlaps the end of the month (Eid al-Fitr) either, since the city is deserted for a week as locals return to their home villages. Before you secure that airline flight, makes sure that your country is covered by the ‘no-visa requirement’ policy of the country. If you don’t have a visa yet, the Moroccan Embassy charges about 17 and 26 pounds for single and multiple entries, respectively. This is valid for airline travel (as well as other means of entry) for three months, and takes about six working days for processing. Make sure that you’ll get in smoothly enough and that you arrive at the peak of tourism, so that your discount flight won’t go to waste.

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