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Destinations in Ireland

For all those planning who are planning for a European vacation in its truest sense, it is highly recommended that they must set aside particular period of time consisting of a number of days before hand for enjoying the landscapes, climate, wildlife as well as the culture, people and the medieval castles and structures of architecture of Ireland. This is a country which, with its land and people, enables an outsider an inner glimpse of “the continent” through the ages like few others. Whether it is the beauty of the Celtic forests with its variety of flora and fauna, the glimpse of architectural remains from all the different historical ages since ancient times which stand in testimony to its past glory or the overwhelming attraction of the nation’s rich heritage of literature, science and the performing arts like dance and music, Ireland stands out as a true European destination. One of the most convenient ways to get to Ireland is to travel by air. Among the various airports of different categories based on size, facilities and passenger count, five are considered to be important international ones. They include Dublin, Belfast, Shannon, Cork and Ireland West Airport; all of which facilitates a large number of airline services connecting places almost all over the world. Out of these, the Dublin International Airport is the leading one in terms of the number of passengers as well as the airlines services functioning at the place. Almost all the major airlines such as Aer Lingus, Ryanair, British Airways, Lufthansa, etc. operates at these airports and what is more is that they offer a wide variety of travel deals keeping in mind all kinds of people who would like to travel to and from Ireland. Often these offers, especially the ones involving airfare tickets, include cheap tickets and even discount airfare.

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