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Egypt is located in North Africa with a population of 80 million people in habitable land of around 40, 00 square kilometers. A large area of wasted land which is inhabitable is the Sahara Desert and it is only sparsely fit for human to live in. Today, Egypt is one of the major tourist attraction s of the world and is famous for its ancient civilization and monuments of the Egyptians including the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. It is an important country of culture and politics in the Middle East. Due to its landmarks, Egypt has become one of the popular holiday destinations for people from all around the world. One of the transportation routes in Egypt is via the air. For air flights, EgyptAir is a reliable provider for domestic and international flights. Comparing to other airline companies, EgyptAir has cheap airline tickets although its destinations are limited to its surrounding places such as Europe, United Kingdom and Kuwait. One would have to change flights at other international airports such as in London to be able to get to Asian countries such as Malaysia or Japan. During off-peak seasons, cheap flight tickets are easy to find. For those who do not mind using up their annual leaves to take the advantage, they would be saving an amount of money as compared to those who travel during festive season and holidays such as Christmas. Traveling requires planning, which usually takes a couple of months to be able to get an almost perfect trip. Looking at the fares online, the differences between cheap flight tickets and expensive ones can be huge. It is important to do some research if one is planning a trip to Egypt. There are travel agents who provide travel packages to Egypt, and there are pros and cons to these.

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