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Turkey is a country which its geographical location is often questioned because we can literally say it is situated where Europe ends and Asia begins or vice versa. In fact, the Republic of Turkey is situated in a landmass known as Eurasia, boundary of the two continents, hence some regions of the country are in Asia's land while others in Europe. Despite Turkey encompasses a large number of ancient and historical cities, there are also a wide array of tourist attractions including beach resorts, cosmopolitan cities and traditional towns. Everyday countless international flights arrive to the Turkish airports bringing tourists hungry for sun and fun. Culture and tradition have also a place in people's mind. Many travel agencies offer international airfare discounts on cultural traveling to cities such as Istanbul, Izmar, Antalya, Kamaliye, Ankara and many others. There is too much to see in Turkey including museums, mosques, local attractions, natural landscapes, ancient ruins, and picturesque festivals all year round. You can also take any of the last minute flights departing from almost any city around the world and enjoy a pleasant day sunbathing at Turkey's sandy beaches. Whether you visit the Marmara, Aegean, Black Sea, Mediterranean, Central Anatolia, East Anatolia and South East Anatolia regions, you will be surprised with the blend of modern settings and ancient architecture. The official country's language is Turkish with a minority of Eurasian dialects, nonetheless English is widely spoken in tourist facilities, airports and hotels. Museums all over the country have a wide array of collections from the Paleolithic era to modern times. Some of them showcase natural settings, flora and fauna such as the TCDD Open-air Steam Locomotives Museum, Karain Cave Museum, Damlatas Cave Archeology and Ethnography Museum, and the Karatepe National Park, Harran, Kargamis, Ozluce, and Kuzeyne Open-air Museums.

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