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Destinations in Greece

Greece is one of the places included in the must-visit list of tourism places and it is one of their main economy contributors. Greece is located in the south-eastern Europe with Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey as neighbours. This country is one of the developed countries in the world. The capital city of Greece is Athens, and other places of interest include Patras, Kavala, Volos, Heraklion and Thessaloniki. Visitors can expect three types of climates; Mediterranean, Alpine and Temperate. The beaches have pleasant Mediterranean climate which attracts visitors from all around the world and the locals. Each of the places on the tourism list of Greece has their own places of interest and uniqueness. Examples are ruins of the previous civilization, museums, old buildings, beaches, scuba diving and cultural activities. Visitors also get the chance to taste the different food of this country. For those who are on a stricter budget, they can always get cheap hotels in most part of Greece. There are different packages of holidays offered by travel agents. Most airline companies usually have promotion period of their airfares. People who are interested in going for holidays in Greece should keep a look out for the promotion offers. Tourists from other parts of the world will be able to get cheap international airfares with some research. Online booking of flight tickets is widely available as many flight agents are offering online services. However, some tourists especially those of the older agents will prefer visiting the travel agents. Since this country is a popular tourism country, there are a lot of international flights to most parts in this country, especially the major cities which have international airports. Major cities have direct flights from London, Birmingham, and other major cities in neighbouring parts of the world. For places without direct international flights, tourists can always fly directly to the capital city of Athens and from there they can change to domestic flights offered by Olympic Airlines.

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