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Karpathos is one of the largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands on the South-East of the Aegean Sea. The island consists of the municipality of Karpathos and the Olympos community. Part of Olympos lies to the north of the Saria Island. The island is situated about 29.4 miles away, on the way to Rhodes, right on the Carpathian Sea. Karpathos Island International Airport, also known as “Ammopi” (AOK), is located on the Afiartis area, to the south. Daily domestic flights connect the island with Athens, Rhodes, Crete and Kasos. There are also regular charter airline flights from different cities, including Piraeus. Karpathos is connected to the neighboring islands and, of course, to the mainland via airplanes. “Amoppi” has a relatively large runway and many flights to other cities’ airports. There are also ferries that provide transportation to other European cities, most of which are scheduled several times a day during high season (April to October). In 2001, the island's population was 6,511 inhabitants, of which only 22 actually lived on Saria Island full-time. This number always doubles in the summer season because many Karpathian expatriate families fly to the island for their vacation. If you take into consideration the number of tourists that visit, there can be up to 20,000 people on the island during the summer months. As a great number of tourists come to visit Karpathos, local airline companies usually compete fiercely by offering airline fares at great prices, including special discounts, all year long. The population density of the island is greatest around the 15th of August because of the Panagias festival. People travel from around the world to attend the festival that presents the many native customs that exist on the island. If your ultimate aim is to find cheap airfare, this may not be the best time to schedule a flight.

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