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Chios is the fifth largest city on the Greek Islands. The city is located in the Aegean Sea and attracts tourists from all over the world. The Chios National Airport “Omir” (JKH), the main airport in the city, has an airport shuttle to help passengers move to and from this city. Flights leaving from Chios National Airport arrive to 25 different destinations, including three continents and eight countries. The average number of tourists using the airport every year is about 185,500. Most people arriving in Chios are either in a transition to bigger cities or are stopping by for business. The city of Chios is mainly an administrative and legal center and has few tourist attractions. When planning a trip, take into consideration all the factors that affect airfares. Start by comparing discount airline tickets offered by the major airlines and discount travel sites so you can get a general idea of which one offer the best airfares. Many airports in Greece are not directly connected to the international airports of the world. This is the case of the Chios National Airport, which means you will need to work out some kind of flight combination, rather than relying on a direct flight to get you there. Airlines understand this and usually offer some kind of package deal to those trying to arrange airfares to Chios or other out-of-the way destinations. Just make sure in advance that the route is offered by the airline of your choice and that cheap airfares are available. If that’s not the case, you may be better off setting up the combinations yourself, even if it means using two different airlines. In order to get the best airfares, try calling local travel agencies to help you understand what days, times and seasons are the best ones to visit Chios. While you could certainly search for this information on your own online, trying to find suitable airfare combinations can prove mind boggling.

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