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Ioannina is a small city in Epirus, on the north-west of Greece. Despite being the capital of the Ioannina Prefecture and a well-known port, the population of Ioannina is just over 70,000 inhabitants, although the place gets so crowded in summer that this number can easily double. Compared to other cities, Ioannina is relatively far-off from the main points of entrance into Greece. Athens, for example, is over 440 km away, to the south, while Thessaloniki is a more acceptable 290 km away. Ioannina links the Turkish border with the port Igoumenitsa, making the city attractive to people on both sides of the crossing. Tourists mainly come to Ioannina to see the Islet, the remnants of a fortified area and castle on Lake Pamvotis. The Islet also offers other historical attractions, including a monastery, several churches and lots of 18th century taverns. For those wishing a more modern experience, shopping for souvenirs and silverwork is particularly good in the island. Ioannina is served by the Ioannina National Airport (IOA), also known as “Epirus.” The airport is particularly busy during the summer season. For those leaving from Ioannina, plane tickets are commonly bought at the very airport, especially in the Epirus are, as the area is too small to offer a wide array of travel agencies. Air Sea Lines has flights straight to Corfu from Lake Pamvotis, although changes are frequent (for example, Air Sea Lines did not have flights directly to Ioannina during 2007). Most of the domestic flight tickets are rather cheap airline tickets. Long-distance buses make their way daily to Athens and Thessaloniki if you’re willing to spend an average of 6 hours reaching your destination. International destinations often have discount and cheap airline tickets to the same locations. Despite of the fact that Ioannina National Airport is rather small, it seems to be in the up and running when it comes to caring for its customers properly. One of biggest advantages of the airport may be its airport shuttles. Not only do the airport shuttles reach several points inside the airport itself, but also offer transportation to and from bus stops and some of the hotels surrounding the area.

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