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Fly to Kavala

According to information, almost 80% of people traveling to and from Greece are using their airports. Kavala airport is a modern airport of Greece and offers cheap flights to many parts of the country, from where you can connect to the rest of the world via a connecting subsequent flight. The IATA code for this airport is KVA. Kavala city is the largest city of northern Greece and is the second largest in the whole of Greece. Kavala is the modern counterpart of the ancient city of Neopolis. The Kavala International airport is also known as Megas Alexandros. It was started as an army base in 1952 and in 1981, it was shifted to its present location and was opened to the public. Initially, it was a domestic airport and it was in 1987 that it was adopted as an international airport, because of the huge influx of international tourists to this Greek town, owing to its glorious past and it is suitably termed as the ‘azure’ city. This airport has all the necessary infrastructure and amenities that you would find at any other international airport in the world, with a runway of 3000 meters and adequate emergency staff in order to meet all possible mishaps. The air carriers operating at this airport are Kronaki air services, Air Slovakia, Air Berlin, Excel Airways, Britannia Airways, Azzura Air ways and many more. The competition can lead to huge discount flights during the tourist season, when the companies are looking to cash in on the tourists. The most frequent and popular air flights offering discount flights are to and from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Numberg and Munich in Germany. Other cheap flights are to and from Birmingham, London and Manchester in the United Kingdom. All this makes the Kavala airport a hot favorite among domestic and international tourists, and to top all these wonderful facilities, new air line carriers like Smart wings and Qatar airways are planning to foray into Kavala airport, much to the delight of the people who love this airport.

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