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Destinations in Switzerland

Where to start with Switzerland? The country’s sights and culture have inspired many men (and women) to write novels and poems which have helped shape its status as one of the more exquisite destinations, and since the tourist traffic to and from it is interminable, airline fares have been as affordable as ever, especially for the hardnosed tourist who’s on constantly on the lookout for low-cost flights. The country is noted for its majestic peaks (the Alps and the Jura), although it also boasts of a central plateau replete with plains, meadows, and large lakes. Make sure you purchase cheap airfares to as many of its cities as possible; you won’t be able to appreciate all of Switzerland in a week, that’s for sure. There is no official Swiss language as you might expect, and you may hear a different nuance of a familiar language, depending on which city you are in. You may be booking for low-cost flights and hear Swiss-German, and you may even hear Romansh (a Latin derivative) as you place payment for airline fares. Most of the population learns any of the dialects in school, but since English is a hard requirement for those who want to get into the travel and tourism industry, you won’t have to worry if you’ll be understood while bargaining for cheap airfares. The major airport facilities are located in the cities of Zurich, Basel, and Geneva, and these accommodate many low-cost flights as well. Airline fares are particularly affordable for flights to Friedrichshafen, Germany, a stone’s throw away from Zurich. You can also secure cheap airfares to adjacent Milan, Frankfurt, or Paris if these cities are included in your itinerary, otherwise the train ride to Swiss territory can be rather costly and time-consuming. SWISS, a Swissair successor, is the country’s national air carrier.

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