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If one’s idea of an ideal vacation means taking a break from the hustle bustle of a modern day city life and the more detailed ingredient of the trip consists of some breathtaking scenery, experiencing the magic of culture and rich heritage and some majestic architecture, the Latvian territory may very well be what he is looking for. The Baltic State of Latvia is a favorite among the tourists because of the variety of things from shopping to go hiking on a wild trail that it has to offer to the visitors. Besides enjoying the heart warming hospitality of the Latvian folks, one can think of innumerable things to do or places to visit to make the vacation in Latvia a truly memorable and worthwhile one. While places like Sigulda and Cesis, with their grand castles are capable of take one’s breathe away, there are also neat and tidy towns like Basuka which will definitely appeal to the finely tuned mind. Apart from these, there are lakes, beaches, customs to witness, shopping to do, cuisines to taste, forests to experience and music to hear to make a clean job of things of the stay in the country. Latvia is pretty well connected through all the rail, road, water and airways. However, it is considered best to travel via air as it involves the least of time and minimum of changes giving more time to devote to the holiday rather than travelling. There are various travel agencies all over Europe who can offer a variety of vacation plans and one can compare airfares, boarding expenses, etc. before deciding for final. For a trip to Riga, the capital of Latvia from London which takes two and a half hours, the cheap airline flights can go as low as 49.99 GBP with the low cost airlines such as Ryanair.

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