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Albania has been experiencing an influx of tourists as bargain flights are available all year round. The country’s tourism industry has boomed within the last couple of years. The country has always had its doors open for guests; but it was only recently when foreigners discovered what a gem Albania truly is. Seasoned travelers have been lured into Albania by the low airfares as well as the rustic adventure awaiting them. For first time travelers, finding the lowest airfare can be a daunting task; but nonetheless possible. From London to Albania, the tickets start at about £200 and can be as much as £270; a great deal considering what the country and its people have to offer to its guests. Purchasing airline tickets through various online travel agencies is the best option, as you will have quite a number of choices when it comes to airfares. However, expect to pay an additional amount for taxes, as most online companies do not include this on their pricelist. If on the other hand, you have a trusted agent, ask if there are discounts, rebates or bargain flights available on the date of your expected journey. Most airline companies offer a wide range of deals to entice you to visit Albania; and it will be wise to take advantage. There are more than a dozen bargain flights coming in from Europe into Albania every week. The country’s main capital receives hundreds, if not thousands, of guests from various parts of the world. The tourists flocking into the nation are basically made up of backpackers traveling across Europe, young adults who are interested in Albania’s rich history and businessmen looking to go into business with the locals. It would seem that Albania has everything a traveler would ever want - excellent food, warm hospitality, soccer, mini pubs and the lowest airfare possible!

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