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Macedonia, also known as the Republic of Macedonia, is located on the Balkan Peninsula in the southeastern part of Europe. It is a landlocked country, and it shares its borders with Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, and Bulgaria. Skopje is its national capital, with more than five hundred thousand residents, and there are over fifty lakes – natural and artificial – throughout the country, as well as sixteen mountains that measure out at more than two thousand meters. There are two main airports in Macedonia, the Skopje Airport, or Skopje Alexander the Great Airport, and the Macedonia International Airport, also known as the Thessaloniki International Airport. Because both airports are so centrally located in and near popular tourist destinations within the republic, they are each able to offer discount airfares at some of the cheapest prices. The Skopje Alexander the Great airport in particular can offer travelers a cheap ticket to many international locations. The city of Skopje, the largest city in the country as well as the capital, is a particularly popular holiday destination. Sites there include the Skopje Aqueduct, an authentic ancient Roman aqueduct, as well as many Ottoman monuments, like the Mustapha Pasha Mosque. Ohrid, located in the southwest area of Macedonia, is by far the most popular tourist location in the entire country. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has a wealth of beautiful beaches, along with a pleasing and peaceful atmosphere. In addition to a desirable, restful environment, the city has several historical sites, including Samuil’s Fortress and the Antique Theatre. Bitola is the second largest city in Macedonia, and it houses the Heraclea Lyncestis, one of the largest, most well known archaeological points of interest in the whole country. There is a wealth of national parks and natural reserves located all throughout Macedonia as well. All of the aforementioned sites bring in tourists by the bunch, although the fact that the country’s two main airports offer the cheapest flights and discount airfares has a lot to do with the brisk tourist trade in Macedonia as well.

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