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Turn on the computer and type these words into the search engine and you will yield over 150,000 results. To make things a little easier for you, the international airport is Ljubljana, and like just about every European country, there are plane tickets available in first class, couch, business or economy seats every day of the week. Airplane tickets can be purchased quickly on line using a variety of payment options so instead of spending time searching thousands of websites, you can concentrate on your upcoming vacation. Deciding on an itinerary is easier once you know which region or macro-region you prefer. There are four primary areas that make up the macro regions, the Alpine, Dinaric, Mediterranean and Pannonian landscapes. Although the climate types in each differ, they are actually quite interwoven. There are sub-Mediterranean, the temperate continental and of course the mountain climates. With many popular tourist destinations, any trip to Slovenia is going to be as diverse as those who visit there. Ljublijana is the capital city. There you will find a variety of architectural styles, such as Renaissance, neo-Classicist, Baroque and Art Nouveau. Museums, cathedrals, castles, fountains, galleries, bars, lounges and nightclubs all co-exist in a fascinating manner. Beachcombers are as comfortable as the classic historian walking along the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship. Rather young in her independence, Slovenia is still trying to find her feet and develop a style that is uniquely her own. However, many believe it is the combination of her history, architecture, music, landscapes, mountains, beaches, varying climates, cuisine, and diverse ethnicity of cultures all combined together, living in relative harmony that have already given her an identity and style that is uniquely her own!

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