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Malta, which is more officially known as the Republic of Malta, is a beautiful country. It is a small island nation with a surprisingly large population; it creates an archipelago of seven different islands, although only three are inhabited. Due to its location right within the Mediterranean Sea, it is an enormously popular tourist destination. The inhabitants of the country have two official languages: Maltese and English, which is leftover from the period of time Malta once spent as a British colony. The Malta International Airport is the only airport in the entire country of Malta – however, it offers a veritable wealth of international discount flights to locations worldwide. Air tickets are comparably cheap whether passengers are flying into or out of Malta, given that there is only the one airport. The fact that it is so popular among tourists also allows the Malta International Airport to offer discount airline tickets. The country of Malta has a rich cultural history. At different times over the course of its history, it has been held by ancient cultures including those of the Sicilians, the Romans, the Phoenicians, and the Byzantines. The Knights of St. John once ruled Malta as well, and St. Paul’s biblical shipwreck occurred on its shores. Malta was a popular destination to take over because its position is considered strategic in terms of war and protection. Due to being held by so many different rules and rulers over time, Malta’s culture today is diverse and extremely extensive. Visitors to Malta are particular fond of its cuisine. Hailed as Maltese cuisine, it is actually a mixture of Mediterranean cuisine, while other specialties include foods which originated in Sicily, Southern Italy, and Eastern cultures. The music of Malta is extraordinarily popular as well. Traditional Maltese music is known as ghana, as opposed to more modern music trends, which tend to be western. The annual sport of Microlight Flying, as initiated and performed by the Island Microlight club which operates out of the Malta International Airport, is one of the main reasons for air tickets being sold around the time that it takes place.

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