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Azerbaijan is the largest and the most populous country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia (its half part is in Europe and remaining in Asia.) Located in the Eastern Europe and Western Asia, it is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the west and northwest, Armenia to the southwest, and Iran to the south. So the country is connected with Europe and Asia. The total length of Azerbaijan land borders is 2648 km, of which 1007 is Armenia’s, Iran 756, Georgia 480, Russia - 390 and Turkey - 15. The coastline stretches to 800 km and the length of the largest area of the Azerbaijani section of Caspian Sea is 456 km. The territory of Azerbaijan extends to 400 km from north to south and 500 km from west to east. The three mountains range consists of Greater and Lesser Caucasus and Talysh Mountains, covering approximately 40% of the country. The highest peak of Azerbaijan is Mount Bazardüzü (4466 m), while the lowest point lies in the Caspian Sea (-28 m). Nearly half of all mud volcanoes on Earth are concentrated in Azerbaijan. Total population of the county is 8,653,000. If you want to visit the country then you have to find best airfares agency which offer low airfare tickets to come Azerbaijan. Once you reach Azerbaijan you can travel the country with Broad gauge railways and electrified railways which make your journey better. They have 36 airports in the country. If you need tickets at the last minute then go to any travel agency which offers last minute flights to Azerbaijan. Some key Sights to visit are Caucasus Mountains, Gobustan, Xachmaz Region, The old walled city of Baku and the Nakhchivan exclave.

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