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Tunisia’s main airport facility which accommodates schedule flights (including your last-minute flight) is Carthage International Airport, located near the capital of Tunis. There is a secondary airport facility at Monastir, as frequented by cheap airfare flights from all the major European capitals. The latter sits in closer proximity to majority of the country’s top tourist destinations, and you’d best stay here if your travel airfare budget covers for hopping between the major Tunisian cities. Cheap airfare for chartered flights (those which come from the UK) can be obtained from the FlightsTunisia website, and last-minute flight deals are available here as well. Other international airports are also located at the cities of Tozeur and Djerba, in case you’re staying anywhere near them. Make sure that you place your travel airfare at the terminals in exact local currency, in order to avoid the hassle and potential rip-off of audacious exchange rates. You might want to sample Tunisian cuisine before you board your last-minute flight to connecting destinations; the local fare remains faithful to the North African Maghreb custom, with couscous soups and marqa stews forming the foundation for many meals. Distinct from the rest are the insanely hot harissa chili sauce, the ample use of the locally-abundant tiny olives, and an omelets pie which looks and tastes like the Italian frittata. Lamb entrees are a basic part of most meat courses, and local seafood is a usual part of the menu as well. Unfortunately though, your cheap airfare comes to naught if you can’t get an invitation to a private, home-cooked meal. The dining scene in the country is largely undeveloped, and food at the commercial establishments is bland and poorly presented. Squeeze the most out of your travel airfare and opt to visit the country with a friend who’s also a local resident.

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