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Stuttgart is a modern city with a traditional atmosphere, and for once, you’ll be forgiven by the locals for speaking a different language. The dialect is different from other varieties of German anyway, and the people are open to practicing languages, so you need not worry when asking for direction or when purchasing airlines tickets. The city is well-known for its automotive industry, and the motoring giants Porsche and Mercedes-Benz both have main offices and car museums at Stuttgart – and true-to-form, the commute fares within the city are very affordable as well, and discount airfares are always available. The city has one airport in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, where you can purchase airlines tickets for connecting flights; many airlines make direct flights between Stuttgart and other major cities in Germany and Europe, including the budget airline TUI which usually offers discount airfares. If you’ve just arrived and are looking for a means out to the city, be assured that Stuttgart’s public transports are clean and safe, and the fares are cheap. The S-Bahn line takes you to the center in under 27 minutes, and a few bus lines serve the routes to adjacent destinations. If you want to get to Walldorf as quickly as possible, take a taxi from the airport. Stuttgart’s public transports are fully-integrated, and your travel ticket is applicable to any combination of bus or train/tram ride which you need to get to your destination. If you want to save even more on fares, purchase a three-day ticket from your hotel, from the airport as you book for return-flight airlines tickets, or at the tourist info office at Königstraße – you need to provide evidence that you’re a tourist, such as a confirmation notice of hotel reservation. Whether you’re at Stuttgart for business or for pleasure, make sure that you stretch your dollar and secure discount airfares whenever you can.

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