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Marvel at the Splendor of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a prominent tourist destination located at the Adriatic Sea Coast in the far end of southern Croatia. Downtown the city, one will be enthralled with the city’s famed main street, Stradun, highlighted by a clock-tower at the end. Renaissance architecture and art are also displayed everywhere. Surrounded by a number of green islands and islets, Dubrovnik offers great touristic activities for younger and older generations alike. Both generations could enjoy island hopping, hill/mountain climbing, strolling around the Mediterranean paradise and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. February sets a festive mood for residents and tourists alike. Every third of this month, the city commemorates the feast day of its patron saint, Sueti Vlaho (Saint Blaise). Week-long, sometimes month-long, celebrations in honor of the saint include grandiose parades, fun-filled festivities and holy Eucharistic celebrations. Months after, another merry-making is brewing up - the annual Dubrovnik Summer Festival. It is a cultural event when local and foreign artists take over the city to set a lively summertime mood and to entertain Dubrovnik’s populace and its guests with concerts, live plays and games. For pub lovers, Dubrovnik gives you a number of them. Pub Karaka and the Gaffe Pub are favorite hang-outs, well-known for their proud pub grub, Guinness, Ale and sports competitions displayed on the giant television. To get there and see for your self the beauty of the city, taking a flight is the most convenient solution. Starting point is Zagreb, the country’s capital. Several cheap flights will take you from there to Dubrovnik’s airport, Cilipi, in no time. If outside Croatia, plenty of international flights will take you from key cities in Europe to Zagreb. There are cheap airfares ready for the taking. Get them now and experience the vivacity and splendor of the historic Dubrovnik.

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