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Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and is also considered as the largest city in the country. Bosnia is actually such a magical and really colorful place where you will surely find what you were looking for (or in other cases, find what you werenít looking for). Whether you are searching for a certain item which you can bring home or give as a gift, or if you were just looking for a place where you could stay and enjoy life, Sarajevo in Bosnia totally has it. However, for many people who travel, they will perhaps choose Paris over Sarajevo, especially nowadays that travelling is so much more expensive, and Iím not just talking about the plane fare but also accommodation and food expenses. Some people think that because Saravejo is more popular as a tourist destination, then fare rates are more expensive. This is a misconception. Why not go to the more popular destination when you would pay the same? Heading to Bosnia, you might be shocked to see that the airplane tickets cost just half of the fare to Paris. Well, actually it is not that cheap, but you could definitely save more. Airlines like those affiliated with SJJ would really give you those cheap tickets to Bosnia that will allow you to bring your family and friends there without draining your savings account. Sure your expenses will depend on how many people are going with you, so you need to plan early. Of course when it comes to plane tickets to Bosnia, these are easy to find over the internet, but you need to make sure that you are getting the cheapest flights, especially when youíre bringing a couple of people with you. Now Bosnia is really a great place, and it is still recommended that you travel with your closest friend, or you could perhaps go on another honeymoon with your wife?

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