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Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe which is sometimes called the White Russia. The capital of the country is Minsk. Well, aside from having such a rich Jewish history, Minsk, Belarus is also known for their operas. But, if you were someone who would rather travel more than sit and watch at the same time you would be listening to some other music then maybe it would be great to start at the fantastic Stalinist architecture around the place and then you could go to those Soviet monuments. Places such as the Lenin Monument and the Holy Cathedral would just be two of the places and things that you could see in Minsk. Now, if you ever get hungry the Piechki Levechki would be of service and they would definitely be happy that you are there. But before you could see those wonderful sights, of course you would need to go to see a travel agent’s office or you could go see their representatives. However, if you were not going to Belarus alone, it would be best to visit some airports and see which have the cheapest plane tickets so that you and your family or friends could enjoy your vacation to Minsk, Belarus. So, if you were looking for one of those bargain flights at MSQ Airport, you would surely get that cheap yet fun trip to Belarus. You might think it would be hard to get a bargain flight at MSQ since crude oil has basically affected a lot of countries, as a matter of fact, it had affected the world, but you see, when it comes to travel and lifestyle, no one can stop you from getting the best of everything. Sure you need to allot some amount for the duration of your stay in Belarus, and you also need to make sure that your accommodation and itinerary are all sorted out for you to have a great vacation. You can get a travel agent for that, but make sure to inquire about discounts so you will still have enough left for souvenirs.

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