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The Turin Airport (TRN), or the Caselle International Airport Sando Pertini, practically services the entirety of the country of Europe. Built in 1953, it underwent renovations in both 1989 and 2005, making it the amenable, service airport it is today. It is also one of Air Oneís main hubs. Turin was the site of the 2006 Winter Olympics, and in answer to that the airportís 2005 renovations prepared it from the inevitable influx of tourists and visitors, which has not died down over three years later. The Torino Caselle Airport, as it is also known, says of itself that it is a high-tech airport, which provides passengers the newest technologies and the most cutting edge facilities. Rather than being more expensive for all of the available luxuries, however, the improvements and high level of tourism borne of the Olympics has allowed the airport, now seen as a central hub, to over plane tickets at affordable prices. Quite frequently there are special deals available on airline fare, as well. The Turin Airport offers taxi services to travelers leaving or coming to the city, right in front of the exit in its Arrivals Level. Bus services goes to the airport, as does the train, with a railroad linked directly from the airport to the city of Turin. There are several finance facilities located within the airport, where passengers can have their money changed, utilize bank services, and access their ATM accounts. In addition to a duty-free shop, tobacconists, gift shops, and travel agencies are among the services rendered; in addition, there are bars and restaurants, as well as baby-parent and first aid facilities. Travelers who fly in can enjoy the many attractions for which Turin is famous, such as business associated with the Olympics, museums, historical sites, and the Shroud of Turin. Passengers who are flying out of the Turin Airport have a wide array of choices, regarding their destinations. The airport offers flights to cities in Italy, as well as Paris, London, Brussels, Moscow, and Barcelona, among many others. There are charter flights available to Malta, Ibiza, Djerba, and Tel-Aviv, just to name a few. Turin Airportís airline fair is unfailingly affordable, so travelers can get a good deal on plane tickets no matter where they are going.

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